Dyna-Tek No Stick ZoneOne of Extreme Coating Solutions (ECS) clients inquired whether we could provide a semi-permanent coating that would allow them to discharge the remaining LDPE resin they used for laminating large animal feed bags.

The challenges were:

  • The resin temperature at the time of discharge is 550⁰ – 650⁰ F which is more than fluoropolymer coatings can sustain repeatedly.
  • The adhesive additive, LOTADER® made by ARKEMA does its job well and would stick to most surfaces. Meaning if our client used their metal collection bin, the resin would be virtually impossible to remove once it cooled down.

The ECS Solution:

ECS applied a 2-coat system using Dyna-Tek’s DT-480 heat dissipating base coat, and topcoat with DT-555 clear coat. BOTH coatings are designed to handle temperatures of over 1000⁰ F and have excellent hydrophobic and abrasion-resistant properties.

The durability of this coating system is has performed admirably as it just passed 1-year of service life since we coated it!

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Times like the ones we are living with right now can make anyone a little paranoid. People who know me well, also know that I can be a little paranoid whenever potential threats arise in business and life in general. For most, getting the adjective “paranoid” used to describe them isn’t an endearing compliment. However, the teachings of Andy Grove, one of my business idols, suggests that some element of paranoia in business; especially during times like these is imperative.

Mr. Grove – Only the Paranoid Survive

Book Cover: Only the Paranoid SurviveAs many of you already know, Mr. Grove was a brilliant visionary and significant reason for the meteoric rise of INTEL Corporation. Mr. Grove also wrote several books; one of which; “Only the Paranoid Survive” has influenced me over my years in  business. In this book,

Mr. Grove refers to the term “Strategic Inflection Point”; he used to describe those moments business leader must face when a significant change occurs in their industry and threatens their very existence. In these moments, the ordinary rules of business have been made irrelevant and if immediate adjustments and changes to adapt to these changes aren’t made, companies can perish.

Looking Ahead

While the death toll of the Coronavirus is unlikely to rival tens of millions of people that perished during the 1918-19 Spanish Flu, the financial impact of the Coronavirus will negatively impact almost everyone for years to come. New rules are being developed that will require adaptation by not only industry but society in general.

As 19th Century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” (provided we learn from it).

Best wishes for good health to everyone.

The Food Processing & Handling (FP&H) industry is seeing greater use of High-Pressure Processing (HPP) techniques. These techniques require Production Equipment to be able to handle higher production rates, different processing methods and various ingredients.

For example, many fast foods contain enough salt to drive up the alkalinity in the production environment. Combine that with production temperatures of over 140⁰ F (60⁰ C) even Stainless Steel can begin to corrode. This of course can lead to higher risks of food contamination.

ECS believes you can “have your cake and eat it too”

We offer high-performing polymer coatings that provide excellent non-stick/easy clean properties. These coatings also fit the bill for operating at on-going temps of 500⁰ F (260⁰ C), have permeation and corrosion resistance, and outstanding chemical resistance to concentrated chemicals. So how do you get to eat your cake? Our coatings provide all of those benefits as well as wear/abrasion resistance. It’s rare that you get these performance characteristics in one coating.

For more information please contact Jim Stuelke at jim@nullecs-ww.com or call him direct at 816.381.9901.

At Extreme Coating Solutions (ECS), we typically characterize ourselves as a “functional” coating applicator. In other words, we apply coatings that not only protect the surface, but also enhance that surface by giving it non-stick or heat dissipation “functional” properties (or both). As a result, we get to see a wide range of product parts for an equally wide range of unique applications.

Acrylic Teeth Replicas

Tooth Be Told - Acrylic Tooth ReplicasOne unique project that we provide the final finishes for at our facility involves acrylic teeth replicas used as teaching tools for dental students. In the beginning, there were a number of different coating options we tested to achieve our client’s specific criteria. Collaborative work with the client included the development of customized painting jigs, which not only minimized variables that could result in quality issues, but also minimized the handling required to process the parts.

These tooth replicas are going to be teaching tools, so cosmetic appearance matters. The students need to be able to see the intricate veins and features within the roots of each tooth.

We ultimately settled on Dyna-Tek’s DT-5000 clear polymer coatings. Its combination of visual clarity, relatively fast ambient cure time, and hardness allows us to consistently deliver high-quality finishes on each tooth.

This project didn’t require any of the industrial functionalities that most of our projects do; such as chemical-resistance, non-stick properties, heat and/or abrasion resistance… this client simply required consistently good looking teeth replicas.

Tooth be told, we are good at the cosmetic stuff too.

Tooth Be Told - Acrylic Tooth Replicas

Extreme Coating Solutions, LLC is the new name for our established company formerly known as “LPF High Performance Coatings”. The name change was triggered when we spun off (sold) the powder coating division (and the LPF name was sold with it) at the beginning of 2017.

New name, means new logo too!

Extreme Coating Solutions

To do this, we enlisted www.LogoMyWay.com to help us with that. Logo My Way is a crowd sourced, online business model where they enlist freelance designers from all over the world via prize money if they win. Once we decided what we wanted the logo to represent, the colors to use, and other details to help the designers get started, we launched the contest. One week later, we had over 200 designs to pick from and with that; our new logo from “Alan” who lives in the Philippines.

What’s the tie between Extreme Coatings and the Genie Lantern?

Simple… we grant wishes! The reality of what we do is provide solutions for our clients who are looking for coatings to protect and enhance their products in challenging environments.

So, like the genie in the bottle… What is your wish?