Extreme Coating Solutions (ECS) has been an applicator of specialty coatings such as Teflon™ since 1960. The company was acquired by its current ownership in 1990 back when the company was called LPF High Performance Coatings. In 2017, we sold our powder coating division along with the LPF name; which resulted in us changing to Extreme Coating Solutions (ECS) so we could focus on our specialty coatings division.

Applicator of Functional Coatings

We are a job shop applicator of functional coatings including brands like Teflon™, Xylan™ and Victrex™. The definition of “functional” coatings can differ somewhat depending on who you ask. We tend to define functional coatings as coatings that are specifically engineered to enhance various levels of performance properties on surfaces that require those properties (think “non-stick, corrosion, high levels of thermal management, etc.)

Our Clients

We enjoy and take the most pride in is collaborating with clients to solve engineering challenges with their products. Most of the time we can introduce various options for their consideration.

Our Operation

We operate out of a 16,000 sq. ft. facility in Kansas City, Missouri. We’re not far from the STARLIGHT Amphitheater and the KC Zoo. We have a range of equipment options capable of handling all kinds of projects. We also maintain a quality testing lab and program with capabilities ranging from IR spectrometer analysis to the ability to test the coefficient of friction on surfaces.

For more information, please contact Jim Stuelke via email at jim@nullecs-ww.com or call us at 816.381.9900.

ECS Exterior