Coatings, Cocktails and Cigars


With all the challenges (everyone) is facing in this world, it’s important to make space for our teams to spend time together and blow off some steam. To talk about something besides work. It’s in these moments that deeper bonds are built and strengthened.

For this event, I turned to Jason Terry, the founder and owner of Blue Gurus, our social media advisor, trusted friend, and Bourbon Connoisseur. Jason volunteered to come by our place and conduct a Bourbon Tasting.

“I’ve been working with Jim and the ECS team for many years. Over the past couple of years, Bourbon has become a passionate hobby for me and I love sharing the experience with others.

I decided to bring an interesting selection of bottles. Some lower proof, some higher. Some easy to get at the local liquor store, some not so much. In the end, everyone had a couple of favorites and not everyone agreed on what was best. And that’s one of the best things about Bourbon. Every person will have their own preferences, and some of the fun is comparing notes as you try different bottles.”
Jason Terry, Blue Gurus

Coatings, Cocktails and Cigars

As you can see, Jason brought a great selection of Bourbons to compare and pick our personal favorites.
From Left to Right: Tin Cup 10 Year Whiskey, Peerless Single Barrel, Nulu Straight Single Barrel, Copper & Cask Missie’s Store Pick, Blanton’s 10 Year Single Barrel, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

We also rounded out the tasting with some bourbon-infused cigars. Why the propane torch you ask? Well, none of us had a lighter and the matches we had were old, so we had to improvise.

Our next group gathering idea?

We are taking everyone to the shooting range at Frontier Justice so everyone can receive safety training on how to handle different types of pistols, and of course, blast some targets. There won’t be any Bourbon at this event…

As we come up on Memorial Day weekend, we hope all of you are finding time to not only smile, laugh, but also take the time to reflect and appreciate the sacrifices of all members of the U.S. military who died while serving and protecting the privileges we have as Americans. God Bless.

– The Extreme Coating Solutions Team

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