Thermal Management Coatings and Materials – Coatings and Composite Resins

In this category we offer both coatings and composite resins with outstanding thermal management abilities.

Thermal Management Coatings

When it comes to high-temperature coatings that we are willing to apply, enduring high-temperatures is just the starting point. We define “high-temperatures” in four classes:

  • Up to 500 °F
  • 500 – 650 °F
  • 700 – 1,100 °F
  • Over 1,200 °F

There isn’t one coating that can do it all and meet all of the criterion below, so we offer several options with varying degrees of emphasis in the following areas:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Excellent adhesion properties to all types of steel.
  • Cosmetic appearance – defined as:
    • Smooth coating finish
    • Some colors – up to 1100 degrees F.
  • Ability to repair.
  • Alternative to high-temp insulation materials (such as on pipes) with additional benefits of:
    • No CUI (corrosion under insulation).
    • Applicable to hot substrates (up to 600 deg. F).
    • Can endure temperature ranges from cryogenic (-300 deg. F) to in excess of 1000 deg. F. and retains coating flexibility.
  • Thermal dissipation properties
  • Thermal barrier properties
  • Air-dry/Ambient cure and thermal cure options.
High Temp Exhaust