Thermal Management Coatings and Materials – Coatings and Composite Resins

In this category we offer both coatings and composite resins with outstanding thermal management abilities.

Thermal Management Coatings

When it comes to high-temperature coatings that we are willing to apply, enduring high-temperatures is just the starting point. We define “high-temperatures” in four classes:

  • Up to 500 °F
  • 500 – 650 °F
  • 700 – 1,100 °F
  • Over 1,200 °F

There isn’t one coating that can do it all and meet all of the criterion below, so we offer several options with varying degrees of emphasis in the following areas:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Excellent adhesion properties to all types of steel.
  • Cosmetic appearance – defined as:
    • Smooth coating finish
    • Some colors – up to 1100 degrees F.
  • Ability to repair.
  • Alternative to high-temp insulation materials (such as on pipes) with additional benefits of:
    • No CUI (corrosion under insulation).
    • Applicable to hot substrates (up to 600 deg. F).
    • Can endure temperature ranges from cryogenic (-300 deg. F) to in excess of 1000 deg. F. and retains coating flexibility.
  • Thermal dissipation properties
  • Thermal barrier properties
  • Air-dry/Ambient cure and thermal cure options.

High Temperature Composite Resins

Through a joint-venture with a sister company of ECS, we are proud to offer ultra-high temperature resins designed to handle temperatures up to 1,800 degrees F.

Dyna-Glas is developing a family of composite resin and coating technologies designed to handle service temperatures ranging from 500 °F up to 1,800 °F with little to no weight loss depending upon the temperature categories.

These resins are being designed to replace the high costs of advanced metallurgical materials as well as offer less weight, and better corrosion protection.

Target markets include aerospace reentry vehicles, satellites, as well as lighter weight components such as exhaust on helicopters. Back on the ground, applications range from heat shields on exhausts for motorcycles, marine and off-road vehicles.

Our high temperature resin systems are suitable for use in the following applications:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Kevlar fiber
  • Pre-preg applications
  • VARTM applications
  • Thin film applications
  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Highly corrosive applications

This material is patent pending and has seen significant successful, third-party testing by one of world’s leading experts on ablative materials.
Please visit our Downloads section for Papers and Presentations as well as Product Documents.

This material is now experiencing early commercialization trials in applications on airplane exhausts such as the aircraft below, showing sustained temperatures of over 1,200 °F.

A case study for this is being prepared and will be available in May 2017.

High Temp Exhaust