Some of our Business is in the (Aircraft Bathroom) Toilet!

Extreme Coating Solutions - Toilet ProjectWe appreciate seeing some of our business going down (on) the toilet (bowl). One of our quality-minded aerospace clients specifies Chemours’ “Teflon™ PFA” for their aircraft bathrooms so customers don’t have to see what the previous passenger “left behind”.

Toilets on aircraft must rely on very little water and a lot of air suction to flush (stuff) down the drain. Coating toilets with Teflon’s non-stick properties requires less water to send the (stuff) down the drain. Also, because most aircraft toilets are made with metal, Teflon™ provides excellent corrosion-resistance as well.

Extreme Coating Solutions - Toilet ProjectECS works in a wide range of markets to reduce the costs (and in this case the “waste”) caused by surface friction. Whether your substrate is metal or a temperature sensitive substrate such as plastic, we have a wide range of coatings that will reduce the energy, costs and down-time tied to surface friction.

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