Large Tires

You don’t want a sticky mold when making these tires.

However, that is what Extreme Coating Solution’s client was fighting until we introduced them to Dyna-Tek’s nano-ceramic mold sealer and release coatings. After calling Extreme Coating Solutions, out of Kansas City, Missouri, a site visit revealed a 6,000 pound, 8 foot diameter tooling that needed surface treatment that would keep its lubricity despite the rigors of the molding process.

Tire Bladder Mold

Inherently, these tires are engineered for toughness, and with side walls over 8” thick; getting tires that are not releasing from the molds creates production throughput and efficiency declines as well as quality issues. However, it was the safety issues for the company’s workers that made solving this problem a top priority within top management of this company.

Dyna-Tek called on its certified applicator, Extreme Coating Solutions, to treat the tooling with Dyna-Tek’s DT-420 Mold Sealer and DT-6060 Mold Release coating products. Dyna-Tek’s 420 and 6060 coatings are:

  • Applied with a wipe-on process.
  • Can be applied on site provided the area is clean, controlled temps of 60 – 75 deg. F.
  • Air-cured. The first coat is dry to the touch within 30 min., but to achieve maximum performance properties, should air dry for 5 days. The top-coat, will air dry in 10 minutes, and can be put into production within 12 hours thereafter.

Ultimately, all coatings begin to wear off. The top coat; DT-6060 doesn’t stick to much; except itself. Meaning, it can be re-coated indefinitely to keep refurbishing its lubricity whenever needed. ECS trained our client’s maintenance staff so they can apply the top coat themselves!

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