Employee Spotlight: Angela Conrow, Controller

Angela ConrowAngela Conrow has been working at Extreme Coating Solutions since September 2019. Originally, hired for bookkeeping & customer service roles, Angela has been promoted to be the Controller as well as HR, inventory and compliance. Angela is also overseeing key management initiatives in the company’s strategic plan.

“Fun and Gratifying”

When we asked Angela about her efforts at ECS, she said, “The opportunity to work for Extreme Coating Solutions has been a revelation.” In addition to serving as the Controller, Angela has been very involved with optimizing ECS’s new NetSuite ERP Software system. “It has been fun and gratifying to lead the efforts to further optimize how we use our system to streamline our processes and create a solid foundation for growth we are planning for the next decade.”

Some Background

On the personal side, Angela is a Kansas City native who graduated from Lee’s Summit High School. After graduating high school, she lived and worked in New York City. She went to college at the Fashion Institute of of Technology for a degree in Interior Design. She graduated during a recession and added office management and bookkeeping to her professional resume. Her last project in New York City was owning and operating a custom home furnishing store for kids called Plain Jane.

Kansas City, Here We Come!

Angela, Clay and Gidget

Angela, Clay and Gidget

Angela moved back to Kansas City in 2008. She worked for the Kansas Sampler/Rally House as Office Manager, Bookkeeper and HR, helping grow their company from five stores in Kansas to 27 stores in five states by 2013. This experience was instrumental in preparing her for her position with Extreme Coating Solutions.

She enjoys live music, traveling to see family in Mid-Missouri, trying new restaurants, and discovering flea market treasures. Big news… She is engaged to be married in September 2021! She’s bringing a dog named Gidget, and he is bringing a cat named Ella to the family.

Jim Stuelke said, “Angela has been a great addition to our team. She handles her responsibilities well and does so with thoughtful intuition and decision-making. Things I respect and appreciate.”

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